Do you have CIPT/CIPM certification? What did you learn?

If you have gotten Information Privacy certification, or have considered it, I would love to hear about your experience.

If you did it, what did you learn? Has it been useful in your work? Or has it helped you get work, roles, or clients?

If you decided not to pursue it, why?

Context: I'm currently a software dev and small business owner, and previously I've managed teams in the public sector. I'm beginning to consider my next career move, away from a mostly engineering/dev role. I have a strong interest in privacy, have worked to improve privacy for users in my projects, and have given talks about data and privacy for technical and non-technical audiences. I'm looking into whether CIPT would be something I'd learn from, something I'd gain new work from, or if it's really just a tick box larger consultancies like as shorthand for "competency" so non-technical clients feel safer.