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Paper planner or calendar app?

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Hi Jules, I have so much respect for you, being a working single mom and a helicopter aunt to 3 nephews is a lot of hard work. And the pandemic surely hasn't made things any easier on us. Instead of trying to do it all, how about you focus on the most important thing you need to get done every day (workwise & family-wise). We often put a lot of pressure on ourselves which can easily trigger overwhelm and lead to burnout. From a scheduling perspective, everything goes into my calendar (from client meetings to workout sessions to working on my most important thing). It gives me a chance to reflect on my day and plan for the day ahead while creating the time for the one million other tasks that come with motherhood. You are amazing Jules. Keep going! I am here for you.
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Hi Louise, Thank you for the tip! You’re absolutely right! I have experienced burnout more during the pandemic and that’s when I reach out for help. I try to remember that I am only human and guilt subsides. The way you plan sounds effective. Motherhood is wonderful, isn’t it? Please may you take my survey if you have not done so yet? Thanks for being here!
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Absolutely, motherhood is wonderful and such a gift. I'll take a look at the survey today. Good luck!