Are you ready ... let's play at The Edge!

You were invited for a reason ... your profile screamed innovation to me. Come, join, bring a few friends. 5G and blockchain are bringing the Edge closer to us ... Billions of people, services and things will work together to redefine our opportunities and realities. But, how do we make it easy for all of these people, services and things to work together?Right now, elite engineers must maneuver the complex web of technologies. But, what if it was easy for everyone to find, connect and use any technology? Imagine if everything in the Git universe was interoperable with all your other software applications. Imagine if applications could adapt in real-time, find and connect with the code they need to adapt real-time.The question is what would you do differently? What would you do if anything connected, on any stack, written in any language could work together without having to integrate, compile or even go through a development cycle?The purpose of this group is to dream about Edge Computing and make it happen.