New to Elpha

Hello,I just joined the elpha community. I am a graduating senior focused on Analyst and Data. Does anyone know of any good resource to enhance skills within the field? I am hoping to gain more skills and knowledge :). I am glad to meet everyone! Feel free to message and connect with me!
Tagging @Wakana as she may have some insights to share!
@teresaman Thank you for tagging me! Hi @TaniaMH ! Welcome to the elpha community! I have recently created "Data Science Study Group" on elpha so that people who are trying to make a career change or break into the data field can inspire each other and share resources and their progress.'m not sure about your background or skill levels but I have compiled a list of online courses to plan my data science study and keep track of my progress. I started from 0 data or STEP background and I am currently preparing to apply for master's program in data science. So my list would be good for "beginners". of our Study Group member @lillaszulyovszky also shared a list of great resources & online courses and you should definitely check it out! are a lot of great free and affordable resources and courses available online, and I will share more on the Study Group whenever I find new ones.If you are interested in the Study Group, feel free to join us!
Thank you, for your feedback. I really appreciate it.