From grad student to “Millennial Master of the Universe": I am Shama HyderFeatured

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Very inspiring about being the youngest person in the room, yet still commanding your voice and space. Thank you very much for sharing. Rock on!
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I read this post and then went to Zen Media. Their approach completely resonated with me. Especially the part of being able to see what others can not yet see. I was Medical Director of Duke’s Preoperative Assessment Clinic. We were responsible for getting close to 60,000 patients to surgery every year. We started 8 Preop optimization clinics (getting patients strong before surgery). It was almost immediately clear that the revenue generating model we had was faulty - getting patients to pay yet another co-pay for a clinic visit and facility fee. In addition, giving them another sheaf of instructions to lose when they are already overwhelmed with (for instance) a cancer diagnosis, is not going to be sufficient to change behavior. It is simply flabbergasting to me that we are not seeing where the patient and family are and, meeting them there.I left Duke at the end of the summer to start SURGly: identification of modifiable risk factors for surgical complications, leveraging tech to mitigate these risks to improve outcomes, reduce complications, extend the reach of the surgeon and get the patient back to well-being ASAP. I am really excited to say that I have a meet with Shama this afternoon and I just can’t wait!Elpha is an amazing and kind resource for all. I’m grateful to have connected to the platform and for the generosity of spirit that Elpha fosters. Shama, thank you. For all: if any of you, your family or friends is ever having surgery, please reach out. I can guide you through the process, answer question and also, always available to speak by phone. We can collaborate and identify any areas that may need attention before surgery (basically, train you for surgery) that will reduce postoperative complications and improve outcomes. I love this stuff and, even more, facilitating kind and compassionate care to all.
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This is awesome, thank you so much for your incredible thoughts here, Ellen!