Question About Aging Successfully

Hey Elpha, when I say "female technology marketer over the age of 60", you say: ______________ (fill in the blank)

Don't hold back. Thanks.

Closest I mentally have is Elissa Fink who is under 60 (upper 50's I believe). Total badass and role model, to fill in your blank.Prioritizing the over 60 woman successful executive (losing tech marketing and going more info community) is Lorianne Glassford. Badass and champion for the answer.In general: unicorn. I don't have a lot that I can mentally call. Most of the experienced women in tech marketing that I know are:40-59VP or higherOr have shifted out to something else (community building, investing, coaching).Words that come to mind for me, aging in tech (not marketing specific): grit, centered, ambassador, rare, martial arts (because you'll always be fighting to move forward). Not sure if this helps.