Driving Growth in LATAM: A Year of Remarkable Milestones

Medellin, Colombia, June 20, 2023 – Callbox Inc. branch office in Colombia celebrated its 1st year anniversary, marking a significant milestone of its journey in providing excellent B2B lead generation services and appointment setting to its clients in the Latin American (LatAm) region.

Callbox is a global B2B lead generation company that provides outsourced B2B marketing and sales support services for businesses and organizations worldwide since 2004. It was founded by our dear CEO, Rom Agustin, and from there, the team quickly grew the business. The company was continuously expanding, broadening its horizons with numerous branch offices offering its services in Asia, North America, Latin America, and the EMEA region.

More than a year ago, Callbox decided to expand its operations into Latin America and established its location in Medellín, Antioquia. From then, Callbox has chosen Colombia due to its strategic location and growing economy with the goal in mind: to tap into the growing market of Latin America and provide excellent lead generation services to businesses in the region.

The branch office was successfully established through the hard work and dedication of its team. In its humble beginnings, the team faced many challenges as they worked to establish themselves in the market. However, they were able to cross borders and become a valuable addition to the company.

The office started with only 4 employees including Andres, Sebastián Saadvedra, and Diana Sanabria, who shared their experiences during the recent meeting.

Andres, one of the first recruits, emphasized the importance of putting their own efforts into the office’s growth.

“We have to put part of ourselves because we are now alone and just as a father lets his son grow up and has to let him do his own things, this is our moment where we have to put part of ourselves to make the office what it really wants to be”

Sebastián Saadvedra shared how he found Callbox Inc through an ad and decided to join the team to test whether or not it was valuable for the company to be in the Latin American market.

Diana Sanabria, who was based in Bogota, had a challenging start with the company due to her illness, but she was determined to complete her training and contribute to the growth of the office. Despite the challenges they faced during the early stages of the project, the team persevered, achieved notable accomplishments, and has adapted and continued to provide excellent service to its clients.

Collaborative Growth and Achievement

Collaboration lies at the heart of Callbox, fueling its remarkable growth and achievements. Furthermore, it explores specific instances of successful collaboration with other branches, departments, or teams within the company, highlighting how these partnerships have amplified results and generated positive outcomes.

To sum it up, Callbox’s market expansion to Colombia has achieved significant milestones for a year. From a co-working space to owning an office with a capacity of 45 people, they expanded from 4 employees to 25 and successfully built a sales team, a business development representative (BDR) marketing team on site, and customer success leaders. To add more, Callbox Colombia created a total of 15 campaigns (active and upcoming) with 10.5 seats plus 4 LATAM campaigns which resulted in new business assigned to Colombia customers success team that generated over $513, 500 worth of closed deals.

Moreover, the collaborative achievements of the Colombia branch have not gone unnoticed. The team members’ commitment to fostering a collaborative environment and their collective efforts have been recognized and appreciated within the company. The branch has received accolades for its collaborative successes, reinforcing the importance of teamwork and fostering a culture of collaboration. The recognition serves as a testament to the dedication and synergy displayed by the team, further motivating them to continue their collaborative approach to achieving new milestones.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Callbox Colombia

Looking ahead, Callbox Colombia has exciting plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its operations, further enhancing its services and strengthening its position as a leader in B2B lead generation in Latin America.

Additionally, Callbox Colombia aims to expand its services and establish itself as a leader in B2B lead generation and appointment setting in Latin America. The company plans to leverage its expertise and experience to help more businesses in the region achieve their growth revenue goals. Callbox Colombia is also committed to fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment that encourages employee growth and development.


As Callbox celebrates its first anniversary of global expansion, we proudly reflect on the journey of growth, collaboration, and accomplishment that has led us here. Our success is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment of our team members who have come together to exceed expectations and make a positive impact in the local community. Looking ahead, we are filled with enthusiasm for the future of Callbox Colombia, as we continue to drive growth, foster collaboration, and deliver exceptional service.

Here’s to one year of triumphs and an even more prosperous and fulfilling journey ahead!

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Congrats on the milestones!