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Thank you for sharing your experience @cyson78! It provided great insight into the day-to-day as a working mother in the pandemic and some great tips as well. I know you mentioned self-care a couple of times which is especially needed for new mothers. I was wondering if you've ever tried guided journaling as a form of self-care? They found in research guided journaling can provide a # of emotional benefits like less anxiety and more optimism (see more: Personally I use it when i'm spiraling from negativity or just trying to process difficult emotions. What are your thoughts on journaling as a form of self-care for new mothers?
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I think journaling is a healthy form of self-care for new mothers and honestly, in general. Often times I find that negative thoughts consume us but we don't want to tell anyone but do want to say our piece. Journaling gives someone a healthy outlet to get your thoughts out there. One thing I did in the past was to write down negative thoughts and save them, the next time we sat at a fire, I burned them. Because I wanted to get rid of the negative thoughts I had and be done with it. Thanks for reading!
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Beautiful article! So many things on here rang true. I saw a post on Instagram and it was:Parent’s memory of the pandemic and it was a picture making it look bad, hard and tiring.Kid’s memory of the pandemic and it was a picture of them playing with their parents. Those extra cuddles throughout the day make it all worth it.
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Yess! They do! Now that he's not a small infant anymore, we wake up in the morning to grab his first bottle of milk and I let him cuddle on my lap while he drinks it. Even the small things mean so much to them and make for great memories!
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Thank you so much @cyson78 for sharing! I also didn't want kids when I was young, and when the pandemic hit, I had been a work from home mom for a few years, so it wasn't a huge adjustment as with so many who had "office" jobs.I think the #1 blessing in disguise for us is we have 2 kids, and if they hadn't been home they would not have had that time together. We've watched them form such a close bond and it's been amazing to see.
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Thank you!! I had previously worked from home in the past so my biggest adjustment was leaving for mat leave and not being able to return from mat leave back into an office. Otherwise, I had actually packed up my things before I left so the adjustment wasn't huge. It was getting use to working with a child attached to me. I agree, the blessing in disguise is what we wouldn't have seen if life were 'normal' and everyone was back in school or daycare. :) Thanks for reading!