3 Key Learnings from My First 3 Years in TechFeatured

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Wonderful summary - it took me many years to be OK with career growth not being linear and equally as long to become comfortable with speaking to my experience during interviews in a way that holistically ties everything together.
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Great write up Emma, and a good reminder that we all need to walk our own walk :)
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Hi Emma,Reading your story has been mind blowing! for me:) I am from Nicaragua, lived and went to school in the states for communications and a masters in public health. For a long time, I thought I wanted to be a sports journalist and ended up decided on a career in research. After 12 years in the USA, I had to go back home and start all over again because my work visa was denied. Couldnt get a job in public heatlh in Nicaragua and ended pursuing the communications path again and ended up loving it. I am now transitioning into wanted to have a role in tech industry and tried to figure it out