Your 2023 web3 wrapped is here 🎁

Dearest fellow Elphas in the web3 scene,

Sending holiday cheers your way 💜 May your holiday season be merry and your New Year bullish!

It has been a wild ride in the last 12 months 🎢 We've wrapped the coolest moments in this web3 wrapped guide on the link, dive right in and warm up for an even better and bullish 2024!

Got any big guesses for web3 in 2024? Please share them below 👇

thank you for sharing! i must admit i am really not plugged in the Web3 scene so this was a great recap, thank you for doing that! What was the most exciting times for you in the web3 space in 2023? I hate the idea of "predictions" because no one can do that so let me go with trends, what do you think will be the trends in web3 in 2024?
I'm delighted that you enjoyed it! I've been closely monitoring the developments in the web3 world, and personally, I believe it will continue to grow and expand further in 2024. What I've observed is that brands are integrating web3 technologies without explicitly using blockchain-related terminology. For instance, NFTs are already transforming into digital collectibles, as seen with major players like Starbucks and Disney. I anticipate witnessing new use cases emerge, integrating web3 and blockchain technologies into business strategies and tactics. Loyalty programs will likely be among the first areas to experience this transformation, turning audiences into vibrant communities. Exciting times ahead! What's your thinking on the web3 trends for the upcoming year?
thank you so much for the thorough answer! I thought this point "brands are integrating web3 technologies without explicitly using blockchain-related terminology" was very interesting because since the bust that we saw, companies have been really quiet about their integration of web3 and such. What type of use cases are you anticipating and what do you think could be revolutionary?Also I saw this and i think you'll feel vindicated :) for me, I am really not sure what we can expect but some trends I could foresee is in the financial industry specifically in emerging markets where a lot of financial products are still not available to consumers like you or I as well as smaller businesses, so this technology might actually help with that jump. And either we will see financial institutions being interested in integrating blockchain and web3 or we will see "neo-financial institutions" take it upon themselves. I would love to see the latter more to be honest as this can really be disruptive!
Thank you for the comprehensive response! Your insights on neo-financial institutions are intriguing. Considering the likely approval of a Bitcoin ETF, along with the introduction of a PayPal stablecoin, and the experimentation by Visa and Mastercard with blockchain technology, I couldn't agree with you more!I think we haven't really seen the big, game-changing use of blockchain yet. We're still in the early stages, just trying out bits and pieces in mainstream applications. But what I see expanding even more are these 'Phygitals'— combining the physical and digital worlds. And I've got this feeling that DAOs will become the cool new workplaces. As mentioned earlier, we are still in the early phases, and I am excited to witness the development of new use-cases driven by the demands of the mainstream served by the brands.
YES I have see the rise of 'Phygitals' also, isn't that so interesting! interesting that we're still early, sounds like something to keep an eye out 🕵️happy 2024, @simonas!
Definitely! Thank you for the nice discussion. I appreciate our conversation here, and your insights have been valuable. Wishing you a joyful 2024 filled with success, happiness, and new opportunities 🥂
right back at you, let's have more of those!