PR/Publicity/Linkedin Strategy/Guerilla Marketing/Event+Content Marketing

Hi Elphas,

I'm a solo woman founder and running my business for the past 5 years. I have a steady stream of cutomers but no landslide growth. This is in part becasue I do not have a marketing budget and I have built my business mostly organically and through word of mouth.

I really need to go to the next level and would love to know if there is anyone who is in the {Subject Line} space who either:

1. is just getting started and would like to work with me to gain experience to build their portfolio

2. is very experienced and has the bandwidth to take a pro-bono client.

Thanks very much!!

Maybe @AshleeSang will be able to help you or direct you to some good resources!
Thank you!
of course, fingers x you find some good leads! :)
Happy to connect! I have some free and low-cost workbooks and templates (, a quarterly-ish free audit event (next one is likely in July), a values-aligned business podcast you can listen to (, and a super juicy newsletter ( I don't have the bandwidth to take on pro bono work at the moment, but I do have a scholarship fund where I gift a Quick Win Consulting Call once per quarter and a full brand messaging strategy once per year ( you want to chat about working together, feel free to book a free Alignment Call (!
Thanks so much for the shoutout @iynna
OFC thank you for responding! :)
another idea is @shaunteledger i have no idea if she is in a position to do pro bono but maybe connecting you two will lead to amazing outcomes for both of you For context she's a marketing and branding specialist so right up your alley it feels!
Thank-you Iynna! Hi Ashlee! I'm happy to connect :)
Happy to help where I can! Feel free to DM me