5 Steps to Career Growth without Burnout (for Women in Tech)

Hi friends! So excited to share a Free Online Event for Women in Tech:

5 Steps to Career Growth without Burnout

Join us for a 40-minute interactive “fireside chat” where we share practical tips you can use immediately to help you get ahead while reducing stress.

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize unhealthy stressors that we’ve accepted as our “norm”
  • Define and drive your role, projects, expectations and boundaries
  • Rise, lead, and redefine your response to stressors
  • Reclaim time, energy, and your own well being
  • How to thrive rather than just cope

My special guest is Melinda Stoker, a veteran high tech marketing leader with over 20 years in SaaS.

She successfully develops strategies, teams, programs, and revenues for tech companies and provides guideposts for women looking to fuel their careers and even start their own businesses.

We aren't selling anything - this event is 100% value and to help create a new normal that doesn't involve overwork and burnout.

Join us?


Why YES, I did design the page - check it out :)

(As a small business owner on a mission, thank you in advance for sharing this event with people and communities who might benefit!)