Seattle area groups?

I'm realizing that all the women I socialize with outside of work are in helping professions, doing things very different than what I do.

It would be great to find a regular (monthly? quarterly?) group of women in tech, working moms in tech, women leaders, etc. in the Seattle area. Tired of virtual--want in-person.

Any suggestions?

We could start one!
I also live in the Seattle area and am interested in joining this type of group. I am currently navigating the next step in my career, working previously in a helping profession (wellness coaching) and considering a pivot into tech.
I'd be interested in joining, too!
Just moved to seattle and would love this!
I am a new mom in tech who is navigating being a mom and finding new opportunity after the layoff and I would be interested in joining too.
Did this group ever meet up? Is there a regular meetup to join? I recently moved to Seattle and haven’t really met anyone outside of office.