Anima (YC W21) is hiring engineers, designers, account managers & clinicians - help get patients the care they need in 24 hours

Hey Elpha - I'm Rachel, COO & co-founder of Anima (YC W21). We're hiring across the board to achieve our mission to deliver precision medicine to everyone in the world, within 24 hours. We know exactly how to get there and we’re moving ferociously with focus.

At Anima, we build ambitious software to automate the entire healthcare workflow. We’re live in production in NHS clinics across the UK, being used by real doctors and patients. My co-founder and CEO is a trained doctor from the University of Cambridge, and we have 2 other ex-doctors on the team plus pure software engineers. We graduated YC as part of the W21 batch, and raised over $2.5m before Demo Day within 4 days.

We are pretty unique among health techs: we have both medical and engineering domain expertise. We're looking to add more super talented crewmates to our ship who are hungry and understand the urgency and importance of what we're doing for society.

Check out our job ads and more detail on how to apply at the links below:

We're based in London, UK, but we hire candidates from all over the world, and will sponsor your visa and go the extra mile to make it work. We also consider fully remote applications. Our first hire was and still is fully remote.

Drop me a line if you have any questions or want to chat - drop me a message here/comment below, or email [email protected]!

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