Would love feedback on my passion project for the remote workforce!

I've been working on this for the past year where I've been running research, studying the space, reflecting on my own remote work journey, and talking to lots and lots of remote workers. Any feedback or thoughts are greatly appreciated. Planning on launching the landing page tomorrow!
This is great! I suggested my city (Boston).
Yay! Looking forward to updating you when it's available in Boston :)
The link to isn't working for me, btw.
In France we have Shapr ( tinder to meet professionals ), really useful to meet people in one space, not focused on remote but It might inspire you !
Thanks so much for the advice! I feel like I've heard the name but haven't actually looked into them. I'll give them a look today :)
This is a really great idea!! I can definitely see a lot of people using this to meet new people.
Thank you for the feedback! :)