How I entered and exited a real estate tech startup in 2 years with zero industry experienceFeatured

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What a great story, @MichelleShin. Thank you for sharing. I feel that often, recruiters screen candidates for “hard skills” when often, if people are just given a chance to learn and grow into a new role, they can be highly motivated and work out great. It’s different from transitioning from professional golf to a startup, but I’m thinking about recruiters who hire for skills like “knows how to code in C#.” What about someone who has great fundamental programming skills but has only coded in Java? Often a recruiter will screen those people out because “Nope, they don’t know C#” even though they might have been highly motivated to learn and would have been great. Maybe transitioning from pro golfer isn’t really that different, actually. Relationship building... figuring out how to work effectively in an autonomous culture... I do think we need to do a better job of giving motivated people a chance. Good luck with what comes next - it sounds like wherever you land, they will be lucky to have you!