Register for the YC Build Sprint

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Hi @JoanDeG - Congrats on launching this build sprint. Looks awesome. Are there any notable differences between this program and the typical SUS cycle? (Aside from it being only 4 weeks)
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@Rache Great question! The sprint exists within the Startup School platform and framework. To participate, you will have to create a SUS profile if you didn't have one yet. We designed the sprint to simulate the time pressure and accountability that we know founders benefit from during the core YC program (and in other work environments). Each startup will set a goal for the sprint and focus on reaching it during the sprint.The grants are back as well, so all the companies that participate in the sprint can apply for one of those by completing the sprint and then filling out a YC application.
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Love it! Thank you for organizing this! I joined Statrup School about a month ago, and it has been so amazing, and motivating.I was on holiday with my family last week, so tried to switch off as much as possible, but got to schedule a 5am group session, just because I love the exchange that happens!Thanks again!
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Love this dedication and so happy to hear it!