Being called a dominating woman at work is sexist?

My manager(male) called me out for being dominating in a 1-1 meeting. Is he being sexist?

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Can you share more context here? Or, did he share any reasons for saying that you're "dominating"?
It is a management personality archetype that both men and women use (but women less to your face). It is used, candidly, to refer to many people that (i) don't talk about or suffer form imposter syndrome or the confidence gap or other vulnerabilities/insecurities and (ii) don't invest heavily in peer relationships—which isn't a bad thing imo given how much drama and gossip can exist in firms and gender harassment issues; professionalism gets lost in tech, imo. That said, I think promotes an expectation of disempowerment and timidness in employees of all backgrounds. But more so reinforces these behaviors in women when the comment comes from other women, undercutting "take up space" as a rallying cry for parity in careers and personal relationships. But I would also consider if you felt the comment came from this context or more personal as you'll be the only person to make that assessment. Just adding more context here for you to reflect on.