Chicago Galentines Party for women in business

Hi Elphas!

I'm hosting a Galentines Day Party for women in business this Wednesday in Chicago.

I will be glad if you are interested and want to join. An exciting program and a lot of networking await you. In addition to snacks, cocktails, and surprises, we have prepared an art master class, coach speech and an unusual networking format to help you create deeper connections with all types of businesses.

I also really appreciate if you share this info with people who may be interested. Let's make more professional women in Chicago aware of this and build a great community!

Hope to see you there!


Thank you so much! If you're in Chicago, I'll be glad to see you
Thank you @iynna for tagging me in this! I would love to come, but have prior engagements already scheduled. I look forward to the next event. Hope all you gals have a great time!
Dang, I'm in Chicago half of the year but I happen to be back in LA now :( This sounds so amazing!! Would love to hear more and see pictures after! 😊
I wonder why you're in LA right now... does it have to be w/ temperatures? :D