Calling for female professionals / entrepreneurs struggling with exhaustion or overwhelm

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I have been having this conversation "what is self care and how to do selfcare" for YEARS and I still haven't found the answer (for myself as I know selfcare means different things for different people). I'd love to chat!
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Thanks iynna! selfcare meaning different things for different people is a very apt way of putting it... Just like what 'work-life balance' and 'exhaustion' means for different people. Looking forward to chatting with you :)
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Hi Wenlin!This resonated to much with me, I'm a first-time startup founder and have been working (like a dog) over the last year - so much that my mental and physical health are suffering tremendously. I feel very stuck and low in energy/mood, without a clear way forward because it's too exhausting to make a plan. Would love to take you up on this offer: rui@medmehealth.comRui
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Thanks for sharing this with me Rui! looking forward to chatting with you
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I'd love to be involved!
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Thanks for helping out Zenzi! Looking forward to our chat
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Hi @WenlinT, what a generous offer! I'd love to hop on :)
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Thanks Faye! Thanks for helping out. Looking forward to our chat