CTOCon: Crafting Today's Tech Narratives featuring Anita Chandrasekhar. Head of Talent Strategy & Operations at Zapier

CTO-Con is an online conference that brings together leaders worldwide to share their knowledge and collaborate on the industry's most pressing issues. This conference provides a platform to connect with a diverse audience from various sectors, exchange ideas, collaborate, and steer the direction of modern innovation.

Hear from our very own Anita Chandrasekhar. Head of Talent Strategy & Operations at Zapier, as she discusses the transformative power of AI in talent acquisition! 🎉

Alongside an amazing group of folks, Anita will dive into the challenges companies face when integrating AI into their processes and explore the cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to revolutionize talent acquisition in the near future.

The event kicked off earlier today at 11am PT/2pm ET (yep, I'm a little late, here!) but if you register (link here), you can receive a recording of the session. With this being such a hot topic, I thought I'd pass it along after the fact!