How to Pitch Yourself (The Fangirl Approach) | A Cover Letter Template

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Amazing πŸ‘ Thanks so much for sharing your template in detail and ALSO, congratulations on having a record-number of interviews the past couple months! Cheering you on to get to the finish line :)I also really loved the tone of your cover letter, there's a lot of personality and definitely shows enthusiasm and authenticity β€” all of which, for me, is such a valuable differentiator and breath of fresh air in the midst of work experiences being stacked against candidates. Definitely very memorable!
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I'm glad you enjoyed this!And yes, those are the words I hear hiring managers and HRs tell me often - "it has a lot of personality & enthusiasm". πŸ˜…You know, I used to think that cover letters were useless.Now I see that they're my secret weapon of getting my personality, some of my experience, and my knowledge of the company - across to everyone BEFORE they look at my resume.I want THEM to be excited about meeting me, as I am them.The resume almost feels like a formality.I'm trying to win them over on page 1.
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"I'm trying to win them over on page 1." πŸ‘love your energy!
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This is fantastic, and something I'd been trying to work on before I got my last job, but this really dives in and nails it. Bookmarking this for the next time I'm thinking about applying!
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Excelsior! Glad it could be of some assistance to you in the future. πŸ˜„πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
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I love this! It makes me reevaluate my current cover letter template which is more about me than the company. This makes a lot of sense and I appreciate you sharing! Good luck with your continued job hunt, with the amount of work you've put in already, you're probably moments away from landing something perfect!
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I'm glad you like it & can see the strategy within it. Just like running a company - it's all about them, not you.And yeah, fingers crossed that a dope a$$ company comes along and we're soulmates.😚
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This is excellent for two reasons:Not only is it a great, attention getting cover letter, but it sets a good metric for the kinds of jobs you should be applying for. If you can't fangirl about a position, is it really worth the effort of applying?Thanks so much for sharing!
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"If you can't fangirl about a position, is it really worth the effort of applying"?PERFECT sentiment. PERFECT!And thank you 😁