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Love this! Sent an enquiry via your website :) Thank you so much for sharing!
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Thank you! Looking forward to connecting!
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This is fantastic!
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Thank you! It's fun feel-good work.
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Thank you! Let me know if you would like to connect to see if there are any potential collaborations or synergies.
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Hello Erin, I am also intrigued and will look up your site--to see if we can collaborate on Gender & fairness.I'm the founder of Gender fair, the first rating system for gender equality. Only 10% of public companies meet the standard--our clients P&G JNJ, Msft etc. my email
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Your product/company looks incredible Amy, congratulations! I just emailed you back, and look forward to chatting later this week!
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This seems right up my alley!! I am the founder of FRAUENPOWER, a creative community supporting sustainable, female entrepreneurs. Would love to connect further!
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Hi Laura! Thanks for you message. That sounds great! Can we set up a time to chat? Feel free to email me at
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I love this concept and would love to connect further. This is so needed!! Thank you!