Let's talk about self-care after giving birth ❤️http://ritualmeals.com

Hi Elphas,I'm Helen Merlin, CEO and co-founder of Ritual Meals, a postpartum meal delivery service. We are on a mission to nourish women after they give birth, so they can recovery faster and better enjoy early motherhood. We would love to hear from our Elpha community about your experiences and needs during postpartum and early motherhood, so that we can continue to provide the best possible support for new parents and families through our postpartum meal delivery, products and resources.If you are a mother, parent, friend, or ally who is passionate about helping people feel their best after giving birth, we would love to hear from you about:- What's the best self-care ritual you've done after giving birth?- What would you love to see from a postpartum meal delivery service?- What services, resources, and help (would) have helped you to feel very well supported after giving birth?For those who prefer to do a multiple-choice survey, we have one here which should take less than 10 minutes to complete: http://ritualmeals.com/surveyThank you,Helen
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Hi, can u please make your survey public?
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@lirida done—thank you! ☺️
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thanks! awesome service :)
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@CherylAnn My go-to gal for all things motherhood! Have some ideas for Helen? :)
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Completed survey!