Working on an app that helps people pay down their debt. Would love your input!

Hello Elphas! I'm working as the product researcher/manager of a small team based in Oklahoma City who are very passionate about helping people like us tackle our debt. We are working on a mobile application that will help US adult consumers with at least two types of debt make a plan by comparing methods, track progress and pay off their debt.

This is a quick, 18 question survey that should take about 3 minutes to complete. Your answers will help us design a tool to help consumers better understand and make effective decisions about their debt.

Thank you very much for your time!

Just filled it out! Hope it helps :)
thank you!
thank you!
Completed. Good luck!
thank you!
hello again! if anyone following this post would like to be a part of our Beta, I'm taking signups here. Thank you!