NEW baby soft-goods business looking for Start up/Ops advice

Hi! My name is Kate, personal website linked above, and I have a successful consulting business but I want shift focus to a D2C product business in the baby industry (it's specifically a soft good line of blankets).

I have no connections in this space! I'd love to speak with people who are familiar with:

  • Critical legal awareness in this space
  • Design or product patents
  • Product testing with small production to start - specifically if you have contacts at a manufacuring company that is in the USA that you trust and recommend, that is key!
  • Baby industry in general
  • D2C brand building

Any connections are welcome, and thank you for reading.

It's lovely to meet you Kate and thank you for sharing this context! This new venture sounds very exciting and promising.For your 1st ask: @ezbrizlax12 might be able to work with you (for context your 2nd: @EmilyKenison might have thoughts your 3rd: this thread might help you your 4th: @aminaaltaf has a kid clothing company called Jaanu, @elenabridgers has one called Hera For your 5th: see answer to your 3rd ask, might help as a starter! hope you find some answers!