How do you manifest everything you want for your life?

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I'm open to helping! Let me know what you need :) I'll DM you my email address.
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I've always hated the idea that we can "manifest" the life we want. It reeks of privilege. Not sure if others feel the same but that's just how it comes off to me. I listened to a podcast where a woman talked about "manifesting" the perfect home to host yoga retreats. No, you had enough disposable income to buy a second home in a tourist area.
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Every person has a believe in their life, some go to the Church and pray, others meditate, or write a bucket list. A belief to wish for a better life, a better job, a nice house, passing school exams, etc... we can call it a goal, the big dream but I would say that it is quite wonderful to hold on to what we want to manifest in our lives. If the word "manifest" bored you, replace it with another one. Choose what suits you best and keep believing.