A few days ago I claimed CrossFit title of 2nd fittest masters woman in my country!https://medium.com/@nastya_731/how-i-hacked-crossfit-open-2020-608b871812caThe article has data visualization which helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses to get the title.(I wanted to post the whole content here, but I can't insert images)CrossFit subreddit has been super supportive https://www.reddit.com/r/crossfit/comments/e8spjf/how_i_hacked_crossfit_open_2020_results_with_data/and encouraged me to set up ProductHunt: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/wod-insight-by-vooptyMVP: https://wod.voopty.com/ — this is CrossFit WOD timer + graphics from above based on timestamps.Instagram: I post here fun statistics about CrossFit competitions https://www.instagram.com/wod_insight_voopty/
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Congratulations on your title and thanks for sharing these cool geeky (and apparently powerful) visualizations! I am working on a fitness app, and it's giving me some ideas.
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Feel free to email me if you want do brain storm the ideas together [email protected] :)