Applied to 500 start ups

Hi All,

I am Madhavi building ThatMate an emotional wellness app and community for teens!! I applied to 500 start ups and received a preliminary call. Just wanted to know in how many days do they close the whole process. Also, do they send any rejection email

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Madhavi,Firstly, congratulations on the app!For the rest, I am unsure of what your question is. Did you apply for jobs, or were you trying to cold-sell your app?If its the former, 500 seems like a really high number! The number of days to close the process is not standard at all - it can take as little as a week, to as much as 6 months, depending on a myriad of factors. Typically those that do not move into the next (or any) phases do receive an email indicating they are not moving on, but again, the timing can be all over the place.Also keep in mind that there are a number of companies pausing or completely freezing hiring right now due to fears of an impending recession. That would impact processes negatively as well.