Leisure & Sleep Bra to support big boobs/boobs in flux/boobs in pain

Hi Wellness Elphas,I've designed & prototyped a bra for supporting my big boobs at home, when a regular bra or tank top won't do. I've created the thing that helps me sleep better, look better & feel better and I'm sorting out how to share that with other women. Currently working out brand strategy, design, getting feedback on product & preparing for our presale launch on Kickstarte in early 2020.
Congrats!! Thanks for spreading the word here about what you're up to! Is there any particular ask of this community so that we could best support as you prep your Kickstarter?
Would love general insights into trend forecasts/brand strategy for wellness brands as they relate to size inclusivity/sleep/self-care.... Regarding messaging, here's a component of our bra that minimizes wrinkle formation on the decolletage, but I would hate to call our product anti-aging.Appreciate your support as I make my foray into this space!