Course Author @ Moonrise Labs (freelance early career dev work)

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Thank you for sharing this amazing oppty Sandra! I tagged our new community Elpha-gigs! Hope you've been well!
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@lirida @RebeccaStevenson do you ladies know of anyone great?And @melissaembury @gabriela @kaye would you be interested?
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Hi @sandramedina and thanks @iynna for also tagging me here! :) I have worked with Java, SpringBoot, Micronaut on backend and React.js and some CSS on the frontend. This stack doesn't seem to align with the request. This is my GitHub just in case: and this is my playground website: in which I haven't added much for some time, busy with projects.
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The stack isn't the most important thing, that's something we can help the person pick up as they go :) Thanks for responding with your info, I'll take a look!