Alpha Male Coach

I'm in a dream role for my background and got a raise and title I have been working for recently. I was employee #1 in this small startup and we're only a team of 7 overall. My CEO is my direct manager and I am the Ops Manager.

The CEO is a straight white male and has a lot of toxic habits with being hypercritical. He has been always willing to listen to facts and I often am forced to be dominant in order for him to listen to me. He recognizes his pain points and wants to learn how to take a step back and how to communicate better. He is having himself and the other two department heads (side note: all 3 are fully bald, wear glasses, and are straight, white, me.....but they are really nice) go through a 90 day coaching program with a local leadership & startup coach.

He hired a coach and his LinkedIn & website seems harmless albeit flashy and spammy with his marketing. After Googling him, I saw he was a "success story" for a website for a "men's coach" that is the definition of Straight, white, toxic alpha male and gendered roles in society akin to women staying home etc. Other themes of being into CrossFit and in perfect physical health feel like toxic positivity at best.

I want to approach this with an open mind because I know with coaching, we could be fruitful and I can expand my subject matter expertise & new role without needing to find another job in this uncertain climate. This being said, it's a red flag for all of us to get coached by someone who is exactly like them - he's even bald too... 😭😂 I don't think my CEO would change it as I believe he signed a contract.

Should I keep an open mind? I'm a Jewish/Hispanic only child, previously single mom, feminist, queer, woman with a chronic illness who is incredibly independent so this aches at my core a little bit more.