Offering help with applying to Entrepreneur First

I work at Entrepreneur First - we help people build startups from scratch. You don't need a team or a fully formed idea to apply, just you!We pay a monthly stipend, help you meet a co-founder, give you access to tons of expertise and a network of investors.Happy to answer any questions about the programme or give you tips on writing your application
Hi! I was wondering if you take in applications for non-immigrant potential co-founders /founders on a visa in the US. Any suggestions on that? Thanks!
Hey Mansi - thanks for your question! Which location are you thinking of applying to? What we offer in terms of visa helps depends on the location. For context, we have offices in Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Singapore and Bangalore, and usually recommend that you apply to the location where you have the best network.
for a US company which office would you suggest we apply to?
Hey Brooke!We accept people as individuals rather than as companies (if co-founders want to apply, they'd still need to apply as individuals and there's no guarantee that both would be accepted). We help individuals build startups from scratch, including meeting their co-founder.For those in the US, I suspect Toronto might be the best place for them to apply - applications close on 1st December for our next Toronto cohort.
cool. thanks!
Do you take equity from the startup? If so, how much equity do you take?
Hey there! Thanks for the question.For the first three months of our programme, we give you a stipend which you never have to pay back (no equity or anything involved) - that money and time is yours to experiment with! You'll explore ideas and meet potential co-founders. To continue on the programme for another three months, you'll pitch your company to an Investment Committee, and that's where equity comes in.If you're successful in pitching to the Investment Committee, we’ll invest £80,000 in London, Paris and Berlin, S$75,000 in Singapore and Bangalore, and C$100,000 in Toronto into you and your company, plus the stipends already paid.This is in return for a 10% equity stake in your company. It means EF's interests are aligned with your own - EF only makes money if you do. In many cases, EF also invests in your seed round.Hope that helps!
Are you really going to do this in person (especially the Q1 cohort) given the travel challenges of COVID? I have a developed idea after completing a tech incubator program already and all I need is to find a tech co-founder and get seed funding, is this program still good for me?
Hi,Was this message meant for someone else?
Hi! Just discovered EF and I have been wondering whether it is a programme only for recent graduates? Also, do you only need to be technical to apply? Thanks so much