Looking for exciting projects

Hello members of the amazing Elpha community!

My name is Chrysa, I am located in Denmark and I am on a journey of building a meaningful career. A job I will feel excited to go to every day. To do that, I am currently looking for opportunities to build a product portfolio to break into product management. I have a marketing background and a big passion for tech (especially robotics and aerospace) and solving complex customer problems. Any advice or interesting project you think I could contribute to? Or maybe any advice from your experience of transitioning to product with a business background? Any advice or hint is more than welcome. Please feel reach out either here or on LinkedIn. I could use any advice I can get.

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Switched "job board" to "job hunting" for you!
Thank you @teresaman
Hey Chrysa! Check out - they're building solutions for laid-off tech workers, but might have some interesting opportunities for you too!