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Looking for experts to discuss 'toxic masculinity' and 'feminine/masculine energy.'

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To be honest, every time I hear the term "feminine energy" or "masculine energy" I cringe. It seems so reductive to try to classify everything as one or the other, especially because the things that make me _me_ often people like to put into the "masculine" bucket, and I don't identify with what people put in the "feminine" bucket and frankly, I call bullshit. I'm a woman and don't see why the traits I have aren't "feminine".
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Hello!Toxic Masculinity - Energies -**Note on Debbie, it's a spiritual take, but there's some good stuff in what she teaches and balancing the two energies even in just ourselves. Every person has both masculine and feminine energies and they both serve a purpose. It's good for initial research and learning but would need to be repurposed/repackaged for the workplace.