How do I navigate 2 potential jobs where 1 already gave an offer, and 1 is taking a long time to give an update?

Hey everyone!

Looking for some guidance here. I've been interviewing for the last few months, and the day before Christmas break had a final round with a company that I felt went well and is definitely a place I'd love to work for. Around that same time I learned another company, which is my second choice, would like to give me an offer (though it's a temp position). The following week I heard back from the first choice that things were moving slowly due to the holidays but they were hoping to come to a decision by the next week (which was last week). Meanwhile, I let the second company know I had some other opportunities I was waiting to hear back from and should have an official answer by the beginning of this week. I still have not heard anything from the first company, and it has been almost 3 weeks since my interview and 2 since the last correspondence. I even sent a follow-up to 2 different people asking for a timeline, with no reply from either (but I mistakenly left out that I had a competing offer). I'm beginning to get anxious, as I know the 2nd place is eager to fill the role and waiting on me, and I also don't want to let that opportunity go in case this first one doesn't work out...but I also don't want to give the go-ahead in case the first one does work out! Hopefully this all made sense;) Any advice on how to navigate this would be so appreciated!! Thanks in advance<3

Congratulations on your successes - amazing way to end/start the year!I'd reach out to company 1 and say "Hi X, happy new year! I hope 2022 is off to a great start. I was hoping to hear from you on our interview a few weeks back. I also wanted to update you that I received an offer and would need to make a decision by the end of this week, Friday Jan 14 (or make up a deadline in the next few days). However, [name of company] remains my top choice. I am super excited about the role, the opportunity to grow with you. Additionally, I believe I could be a great asset to the firm given [insert one to two things about your background that is relevant to the role]. I look forward to hearing from you and remain available by phone or email if you need.Warm wishes'Basically bring the sense of urgency and DEFF let them know you are wanted somewhere else :)
Thank you! This is super helpful:)
Of course! Good luck :)
Congratulations on both of your opportunities! I would use the current offer to get the first company to get back to you. I would contact the first company and say that I have an offer from another company that is looking for an answer by the end of the week or by next week. I would make the case of what you can add to the role and firm #1 again (in brief) and that you would be excited to work with the first Company. That will light a fire under them if they are interested. In addition, their offer should be in line with the other offer if not better! I hope this helpful! Best wishes to you! Melissa
How did it goo!