Help Nailing a Data Science Interview!

Hi, are there any data scientists looking for jobs right now who are open to practicing interviewing and/or who have technical interview tips?

We have openings for data scientists and AI engineers. If you're diving into job search or interested in gaining insights into technical interview process, shoot me a message. Happy to chat about our roles.
Just FYI you are currently writing as anonymous so Lauren won't be able to reach out to you. If you wish to maintain your anonymity though, you can ping Lauren directly!And I also wanted to loop @paigecrossley who's looking for roles too and who might want to interview prep with Lauren!
Hello, I am new to elpha! Very nice to connect. I am newly exploring the fields of research marketing / decision intelligence. These are prime areas that utilize data scientists and AI engineers, I imagine. Is this in your wheelhouse as well. My work history is very mediaad tech based. Thank you so much!
Hi Lauren! I am a data analyst looking to transition into more of a data scientist role in the future. I'm currently job hunting as well, I'd be happy to talk interviews/prep with you!
Let's do it! I'll DM you
I am a data scientist looking for a job(though frankly finding hard to find the motivation to prove myself in the current process :-P)..
I totally understand - it's overwhelming! Lmk if you want to interview prep!