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Just read - really interesting and insightful, @gabriela! Kudos for sharing something that doesn't fit the standard success-oriented mould & for having the courage to be vulnerable here.I'm curious: do you have any thoughts on why you were resistant to undertaking user research when it became clear that your own personal UI/UX needs & preferences were different to that of your users? Do you recall what was going through your head/what was going on in your life at the time?Again, appreciate your time and candour.
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Hi, thanks for reading and asking me this question :)I thought too much about features that I needed already, and too little about how others might interact with them or if indeed they are equally important. Here it really depends on your social environment. Weddings are not completely the same in all countries. I didn't have a huge network to ask people to help me out, I actually tried that and I majestically failed and gave up on that. It's one thing to have a big audience and ask "can someone want to help out and try this" and another to not have that.