Podcast - What role can fintechs play in tackling the wealth gap and inequality?

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Hi Mel, Merry Christmas!I feel like you should chat with @yxzhang who's been doing similar work!I have truly loved taking the leap in investing, I'd say I started learning more about personal finance second half of 2017 and started investing in Jan 2018. The biggest issue to me was that there is too much noise on the internet, too many so-called people giving advice, too many platforms for financial education, for investing, budgeting, saving, planning but when I scratched beneath the surface, most of the advice turned out to be pretty similar so I wish there were more consolidation of resources!
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@iynna Thanks for your thoughtful connecting, as always! @MelPalmer it's great to see others contributing to personal finance space--feel free to DM me if I can be helpful!
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Thanks for sharing!Couldn’t agree more, it’s so overwhelming, even though the core fundamentals are pretty universal!