Free 1:1 coaching sessions to help you navigate any career transition 🧭

Hi community Elpha 🌟

I have been very lucky these past 2 year with working in an amazing company as Head of Growth and learnings tons about Growth of course, management and sales. Prior to this role, I was a Senior Talent Acquisition manager for H&M and way before that, a café owner, fashion model and online marketplace cofounder. So I've dealt with my fair share of career changes (in other words, major impostor syndrome, anxiety, stress... 😅)

Anyhow, I have decided that this year, I would put some time and energy into coaching other women pro bono about changing careers. It is pretty selfish as helping other women live their dream life-career is what really makes me happy! Besides my job, which I love too!

If you are thinking of going the entrepreneurship route, or switching industries or roles entirely, and need someone to chat to in order to brainstorm or figure out the future, please reach out!

Here is my LinkedIn for you to peruse and get to "know me" a little more :)

And a calendly link to book a time if you wish to meet and chat.

Have a fabulous weekend 🌷

Hi Julie - I'd enjoy connecting. I've connected on Linkedin but do you have a chat link to schedule time on your calendar?
This is super helpful! I’m currently in a Digital Marketing apprenticeship at Google that will end this May so this came at the perfect time. Thank you Julie!
@isabelleserrano Great! Looking forward to meeting you and helping the best I can :)
Fellow coach here. Kudos to you for offering your service pro bono and helping more women flourish! @juliedsz
Thank you @ninaynt! Much appreciated and celebrating you as well for being a coach :)
Hey Julie, your background is super interesting. I am living in Mexico City and aiming to pivot from international higher ed admissions to customer success/partnership management this year. Living abroad adds an extra layer of challenge. Would you still be available to connect? Thanks! -Marcy
Hi Marcy, absolutely! I've pivoted a few times in different countries, so I'd be super happy to connect and hear all about your experience :) my calendly link - - if you can't find a time, let me know via DM.
Before booking a time with me, I'd love for your to read through my free workbook, "Get Clear about your Dream Career" -
Hi Julie- I would love to connect with you and my friend Mira just suggested it. For some reason the calendly link isn't working for me. Is there another way to schedule a time? Thanks :)
Oh this is so nice to hear and I'd love to connect! I've updated my link which I made shorter hence you not being able to access it... sorry! Let me know if you can't find a time/day and we can schedule it via email ([email protected])
Hi Julie, I "accidentally" came across your post while exploring Elpha (I'm a fresh newbie here) and it somehow touched me 🤍 I wanted to say thank you for your approach and some kind of humility that I see in your post. I felt like connecting on Linkedin for more inspiration and having people like you around. I hope you don't mind. And maybe I'll use the opportunity to connect with you on a call soon :) Warm greetings, K.
Thank you Kamila, and yes connect with me anytime! Have a nice day, Julie