Are you planning for pregnancy, currently pregnant or given birth? Help us with 3 mins anonymous survey

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Hi @lirida thank you for sharing! I started answering then I realised the questions seemed really geared towards someone who has gone through pregnancy or at least actively thinking about it, I'm neither of those 2 so considered not responding so as to not flaw your data. Can you confirm the categories of women you are targeting or is it open to all? If the former, I'd recommend you make it clear in the title of the post/in the post and if the latter, I'd probably recommend to reflect it in the questions/answer choices. Thanks!
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Hi, thank you so much for your feedback! I've updated the title. We made it open to women that don't fall in any of the categories (None of the above) as it would be interesting to understand their pain points as well. Thank you so much for your help!