When do you think the market will open to junior software developers?

Hi all!

As you've guessed by the title, I am a junior dev (career pivoter with 5+ years of experience in other sectors). I got a couple of months as a junior developer and then was unfortunately affected by a mass layoff last month.

With the understanding that the market is pretty saturated with folks like us, I would love to hear thoughts about where the software development market is headed.

It took me a while to get to this point in my career, and I'm willing to stick it out. But it would be helpful to hear thoughts and get some perspectives, especially with the advent of generative AI.

Not ever. Companies want people who already know what to do and hate to train and encourage. Your best bet is taking on project work for companies.Signed, someone in the same boat for years.
Yeah, definitely will look into taking project work. Thank you for the response!