Best Practices for Spotlighting Key Customers on Social Media?

Hello Elpha Ladies!

I work as a marketing specialist for a medical device company and I recently aquired the responsibility of our social media accounts which fills my career girl heart with love and passion. We have an existing process for spotlighting our key customers on social but the posts recieve super low engagement and are quite honestly spamming our account because EVERY key customer gets one.

Are there any marketers out there, particularly ones in highly regulated industries, that might have some fresh, new ideas for spotlighting key customers on social media?

Any ideas you have whether you're in marketing or not would be SO HELPFUL!

This a great question & something I struggled with in the past (as a research director in EdTech highlighting partners using our product)I had some success building up following & engagement by including some piece of knowledge/information that would be relevant/valuable to the intended audience, & weave that into whatever the highlight was for a clientFor example:1) I might pick a research finding/testimonial or pull some outcomes data about a partner from a Workplace Training lesson on our platform2) do a web search related to the importance of/current trends on some topic that seems related (e.g., employee engagement statistics, other challenges/hot topics about employees in the workforce, or even a loosely related topic like lifelong learning), 3) read through a few of the more reputable results to grab a fact/statistic--specifically something that would provide some value to the intended audience4) craft a post that ties the fact together with the highlightAnother thing that helped--keeping text of the posts as brief as possible, & including an image that helped illustrate an idea from the postNot sure this would directly transfer to your work, but hopefully it helps give you some ideas you might be able to adapt to fit!