Are you struggling with your nutrition, health, and workouts during the quarantine and WFH?

Just curious, thanks in advance for sharing. You're definitely not alone
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For sure! I originally was really good about working out for the first 2 weeks of quaraintin related to eating healthy and working out. Then I just got really unmotivated and tired, so have been eating comfort foods (which is usually junk) and not working out as much. Although I try to be easy on myself when this happens and know that the next day, I can strive to do better and try to plan ahead. Some things that have helped me from time to time (not always):- Ordering meal kit services - Sign up for online workout classes with friends or even a recurring calendar invite for 1x a week @juliava and I try to do yoga once a week :) - Blocking off time on the cal to do a walk once a week (get your partner involved for accountability!) Hope everyone is safe and healthy <3
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Hi Shannon,I see that you’re a coach at Slimmer and Stronger. Would love to learn more. I founded a mobile fitness tech company that matches personal trainers with clients for live, video sessions. Would love to learn more about what you do. There might be some great synergies 😊