Job search advice for Ph.Ds

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Sorry that you haven't been hearing back from your applications, that must be tough. In case you haven't checked out already, I'd recommend looking through Elpha's partner companies postings here: and also, filling out our form at the top that says "tell us about you" so our recruiting team can also keep an eye out for you on positions that may suit you!
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Thank you! I will definitely look into the Elpha job board.
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Have you discussed internships with your Ph.D. advisor? They tend to have contacts in academia and industry, and a referral goes a long way! Another suggestion is to talk to other Ph.D. students and/or (preferably) those that have graduated, who can recommend you to the companies you're interested in.
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I second what @allisonliem said and get your Ph.D. advisors involved. If possible, attend conferences and try to talk with senior researchers. Ask them if they have internship possibilities. I'd also suggest to make a picture of your network and then see who can help you. This video explains what I mean: I call it mentor network, but you can make it broader and just draw a map (socio gram, social network) of everyone with whom you interact. Then reach out to people in different communities.
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Thanks a lot for all the advice! I have talked to my advisor, so fingers crossed.