Struggling to make your tech idea real?

Do you have an idea for a tech product? It could be an app, a website, a platform or anything in between. If the answers yes, you should check out Techniclarity: I’ve just launched Techniclarity to support female founders in the early stages of their tech startups. During my time as a CTO, I kept seeing amazing businesses led by women repeatedly false start, all because their founders didn’t have the tech fluency they needed to succeed. Now I’m on a mission to change that. If you’re in the early stages of building a tech business or have an idea for a tech product swirling around your head, you probably feel frustrated at how complicated putting your ideas into action seem. Click this link for the online course that’s going to totally de-muddle tech for you:
Congrats @sophiehebdidge! We work with clients who are past idea stage but still trying to get their product right. We often need to refer idea stage entrepreneurs to the right folks but don't have a lot of partners who focus on idea stage entrepreneurs. Would love to connect, if you're game.
Hey Ellie,Yes would love to connect. I see what you are doing and it looks amazing, do you want to jump on the phone this week. I'd love to find out more
That would be great @sophiehebdidge! Here's a link to block time, let me know if there's anything there that works for you.