Hi Elphas, I just shared this pdf with the person who posted anonymously about focusing with ADD while WFH. It can be a real challenge for many of us to work from home with external deadline pressures suddenly removed. I've been WFH for 5 years and am sharing a pdf here about top tools I've used or heard about. Let me know if there are others you like and what you think of my suggestions. Stay healthy! Kathleen
Thanks for sharing! I will try Toggl :)
I love Toggl- their design change is really great, too.
I am trying to use Toggl, but do you use it only to track the time
@kathleenlee245 This is fantastic. I'm going to share this with the Prowess Project community. Thanks for sharing.
So glad you find it helpful!
As much as I enjoy my home office environment with all the welcome distractions like kids, pets, music, and round-the-clock snacking, there are things I miss not being in the office. The water cooler talks, ad hoc project meetings, on-demand helpdesk, impromptu discussions, and more.Here is a blog that gave an idea of 7 tools for productive WFH