Hiring remote developers

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Hello @elizaarnold I sent you a DM. I would be happy to help you. You can contact me at chitraf@codemaya.com
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Hi, I am co-founder of a small family-owned company that does outsourcing also (from Romania). I have worked remote for companies outside my country mostly. Worked on a few of hours that are common (last time had US, Ireland and other countries in Europe - for timezones) and it works seamlessly. My own experience taught me this:- It's all about mutual trust - it's impossible to hide in remote work if work is not done--> so don't be afraid of that- Discussing async (written sometimes) is perfect and decent communication is key.- If I see projects that require only a specific timezone, I won't spend more time reading about it really. - Being flexible is a must.Hope It helps, if you would like to ask more questions, feel free to email me office@solidcoders.dev.
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Hey @elizaarnold I am co-founder of Neurastats, company based out of India. Neurastats have worked remote for companies in Silicon Valley, Europe, Dubai etc. We have done few projects for our elpha team members bases out of UK, US, Romania and have been working seamlessly as we work flexible.Can you hit me up at monisha@neurastats.com so that we can take it up further.