What motivates you?

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So I always think about my grander purpose, not my job, not my day-to-day life (it can get very easy to get sucked into it though) but rather what I was literally put to earth to do, and with that, what does the Universe have in store for me?So it's on me to go figure that out. I know I sound so preachy but it definitely works well for me!
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Good question @IzzyPana! I think for me, there are two things that motivate me: one is grander and more abstract, and has to do with relationships. My family whom I want to love and support well, my clients whom I want to serve well, etc. This is always my underlying motivator. But practically speaking, on days when I'm feeling really low-energy or unmotivated, honestly what gets me back on the horse is way less noble: I just do some little easy things, like doing the dishes or hanging up some clothes on the floor. Those "tiny victories" give me the momentum to move onto bigger projects. Curious to hear what others have to share!
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My dogs needing to pee and is 12pm AHAHAHA, that was actually part of my tactics being a good human being and setting myself up for success by getting a dog(and cuz they are so loving). I do recommend pets since they actually distract you enough to help you take breaks from your ever spiraling inner voices :D. Lots of time us nurturing something actually kicks up our hardwired sense and gives us good feels, like our purpose is to provide for the pet/plant :D. And since the plant keep thriving and the pet is still happy, I did a good job! I do live with my partner who dreads his daily tasks, doing a job that isn't even in his passionate field, living with symptoms of depression quiet regularly, chronic pain from sport injuries/COVID adds to the list. YET he still gets up earlier than me AHAHAAAAA! What works for him is looking forward to meals, I cook a lot with our costco supply chain. He has a really good manager doesn't care if he starts his day late as long the work is done. He actively tries to find things he would be interested in from his tasks. He suggests activities to do outside of work that he can look forward to. Tells me he appreciates my presences and all the things I do in the house, as a dog parent, as a partner. He doesn't know what he wants often times. And he has a lot of self criticism.I have less trouble(the trouble is I just like sleep sometimes <3) getting out of bed cuz the dogs, hahahaaa, and really after taking care of the dogs for 40mins, my brain and body is awake enough that I want to check some things off my list. Oh before then I make my partner and I a 1000 calories croissant breakfast sandwich LOL. I think getting started is always hard and continuing is the easier part. I notice mindfulness, compassion, is SUPER helpful. Noticing and acknowledging your feelings, being an observer of your feelings, let's you separate your feelings from you. From there you get to choose which feeling you get to act on :D . E.g I just woke up, I feel tired, bed is sooo cozy, dogs need to be walked UGH is cold out, ohhh I get to make me a croissant sandwich, what's babe doing I wanna go say hi to everyone. Then I decided I wanna get up to do all those things I get to do when I'm up :D. And yes having that perspective of "I get to do" REALLY changes your story. I don't ever try to spend energy doing something to prove someone else's wrong about me, because that's coming from a place of negativity. I acknowledge it, and rewrite my intent to " I want to do x because I want to work towards being the best version of my self, if others don't like me for doing so, that's fine, because I live to serve me. " One thing I notice is really hard on our soul is when say a company/family we're tied up with don't align with our values, during times like that, I actually don't mind doing things my way even if I end up being viewed as a bad employee. Because it matters to me that I do things right, and I don't want to cut corners that hurts my values as a person in order to meet company's goal. I let my family know how they talk to me isn't okay and if they act that way they won't be hearing from me. And again, I act to serve my own interest and not to prove them wrong, because they aren't more important than my view of myself.There's a really good book that talks about emotional dependency, talks about if one strives to be their real self instead of the ideal self, those people are far more happier in life. Link below.https://smile.amazon.com/Smart-Things-When-Booze-Drugs/dp/159285821X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=17NRHBO50O9HV&dchild=1&keywords=12+smart+things+to+do+when+the+booze+and+drugs+are+gone&qid=1617857892&sprefix=smart+things+to+do+%2Caps%2C325&sr=8-1
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What gets me out of bed every day is my relentless quest to question the limits/ boundaries I set in my life and to go shatter or stretch those limits a little further. (Currently training for my first iron man)I take that straight into my professional endeavor working to help founders fuel their best and make their best better, that's what inspires me so that they can thrive in life & business and leave a legacy of influence and impact.