What are your favorite tools for sharing/self-hosting images privately?

I've got a kid on the way, and I'd love an easy and private way to share photos with family. The absolute easiest way would be to use something like Google Photos, but I've heard just enough of the nightmare stories of people sharing a photo of their kids in the bath with their mom or something and getting locked out that I don't want to risk anything like that. My family isn't really tech-savvy, and many of them not on social media, so something like a private Instagram account wouldn't really work either.

I've seen things like Tresorit for private sharing, and also Pixelfed and Photoview. And honestly a good percentage of the devs I know just put a login page in front of a website with an S3 bucket of photos of their kids.

I'm probably over-engineering/overthinking this, but I'd love any and all recommendations y'all might have so I could research further!

Update: We picked Family Album ( and it's amazing!!

just wanted to say congrats cassidy! <3
Congrats!!I'm curious what are the nightmare stories you've heard of about getting locked out (assuming album access?). I've used Google Photos in the past with many family members, including those who are not tech savvy, and have found great success.My 88-year-old grandmother for example has a button on her iPad where she views all the photos that other people (myself, my cousins, my aunts & uncles) drop into a shared album, and it's been a great way to keep her up to date with everyone elses' lives via our pictures!